March 2, 2010

I didn’t intend to start a blog and then abandon it right away. But, it has been a crazy few weeks at our house and the blog was put on the back burner. Most of my business has been thanks to a great deal of sickness creeping around our house. Adelaide had bronchitis, Vivienne had RSV and Brad had some sort of cold type of a thing. I never got “sick,” but I was exhausted from dealing with all that sick babies entail. Anyway, I am planning on getting back to this thing now that we are all healthy and happy again.

So…I will back up a little bit and tell you all about our visit with Mom, Nick and Sami. N and S went to Winterfest with our church and mom spend the weekend with us. It was wonderful to visit with them. Adelaide is always thrilled to be with them. I think at some point she told mom, “Savta, you are my best friend,” which thrilled mom, naturally. We also received a “magic” hairbrush (from Savta) that doesn’t pull tangles. For over a week now we have been using this magic brush – and I have come to believe it was actually magic because A has not had a tandrum (at least not over my brushing her hair) in that amount of time. But, a few days ago A informed me, “Mom, Savta is better at the magic brush then you.” But, I will take it because less tantrums is a win for me, regardless of my ranking in the eyes of my two year old.

Unfortuately, I took painfully few pictures while Mom was here – but we did get some on Saturday when we visited Callaway Gardens…

After Callaway, we went to Pine Mountain, GA to visit Sage’s  – an old 1920’s style soda fountain with yummy ice cream and treats. While we were there we tried a Lemon Sour – half a lemon’s juice, 6 oz (or so) club soda in a glass ringed with salt. It was heavenly – but in a really sour kinda way. I wish I had one now.  🙂

And I have to add this adorable picture of my sweet Adelaide dressed up as a snow princess! She loves to play dress up! She usually doesn’t look so “put together” so I had to snap a shot while she was dressed up in one cohesive outfit.

Could she be more beautiful? I, for one, think not!


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