in want of springtime

March 4, 2010

Post-It notes have become Adelaide’s favorite new thing. She received her very own heart-shaped pad for Valentines (Thank you, Nonnie!) and our house will never be the same. She has taken to writing notes to herself and posting them all over our house…

I am excited about the weekend! My brother is coming to visit and the weather is suppose to be lovely.  I am so looking forward to the Spring and warmer weather. I know eventually the hot weather will be upon us and I will hate every second of it. But right now I crave warmth! I look forward to green grass and flowers. I’ve so missed flowers that I decided to make some of my own.

The inspiration for these little gems came from a great site called Maya*Made. Check out her tutorial here. I have some ideas for more spring crafts to do with Adelaide, but I am hoping we won’t be indoors too much this weekend. I guess we will save that for next week. Pretty days, like today for example, are for this:


4 Responses to “in want of springtime”

  1. Aunt B said

    Good, now I know what the helmet looks like!

  2. Diane said

    Love the post-its! That’s my kind of girl!

    Is Ada pedaling? What fun! Spring is going to be great!

    Love you,
    Diane 🙂

  3. heathbar44 said

    She tries to pedal, but she is not quite strong enough to get it to go as fast as she wants. Hopefully, she will be able to see or else my back is going to give out! 🙂

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