weekend adventures

March 11, 2010

I’ve had my first (and hopefully last) “Why did I name her that?!” moment.  Adelaide was playing on a playground when some older kids asked her name. She said, “Adelaide,” which sounds more like “Add-a-wade.” She said this without a hint of shyness. And that surprised me because she is always so brave in moments where I would be shy. But these rotten little kids didn’t pick up on her enthusiastic introduction or the pride she has in her name. Instead they said, “What?!?!” and when she repeated herself one kid said, “Well, you have a weird name, little baby!” I am pretty sure I have never felt so crushed in my life. Who raised those kids anyway? I was standing there, trying not to cry, and preparing what I would say to her to help her through this difficult time of realizing that, in all honestly, she really does have a weird name. The fact that I think it is beautiful, special and fits her perfectly is of no consequence since I am the horrible soul that thought to name her that. But, instead she hops over the the slide, rides down it and smiles at me. “Mommy, I am making new friends!” That really did make me cry – for completely different reasons. (I was pretty good at hiding it though).

So…other than worrying about what will happen when a kid says something mean to her and she realizes it…we have had a fun week. Uncle Nathan came for a visit this last weekend and we had a blast picnicking and enjoying the sunshine on Saturday. It was a momentous occasion because it was Vivienne’s very first picnic (where she actually ate with us). She is so precious eating her little finger foods.

The girls had a great time with Uncle Nathan. Especially on the RiverWalk and at the park. Adelaide loves how high he can make her go in the swings. On Saturday, PaBoo and Savta surprised us by coming to spend the night! We were thrilled to have them! Poor Brad got really sick with a stomach bug so missed out on most of the visit. He did see enough of Dad, however, to notice his incredible beard. I am not going to say any names, but I think somebody is jealous. 🙂

I want to send out a very special thanks to Aunt Diane who made the girls beautiful springtime dresses. They wore them on Sunday and received many compliments. We are so lucky to have so many wonderful seamstresses who love and clothe us. 🙂 I so want to learn to sew…

Thanks you so much, Diane! We love you! I will get some better pictures next time they wear them!


3 Responses to “weekend adventures”

  1. Diane said

    Thanks for sharing your little princesses with us! PS: I think their names are BEAUTIFUL and fit them both perfectly!

  2. Anita said

    Those dresses are beautiful just like the girls. And Heather, I love their names. You did a great job. But I am the one who named my child Wylder so……..!!!! Love to ya all

  3. heathbar44 said

    Thanks for the support. I love their names too. And I love Wylder’s name. 🙂

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