st. patrick’s day

March 20, 2010

This day did not go the way I had planned. Both girls woke up a little under the weather and Adelaide actually asked to go “back to bed please.” I am pretty sure that has never happened before. I tried to bring some St. Patrick’s Day fun into the morning by making green eggs for breakfast, but poor Adelaide was totally grossed out. “Come on, Adelaide! It’s like Dr. Seuss’ green eggs! They taste just like normal eggs,” I said. But she replied with, “Well, I like my eggs to be yellow and white.” I can’t say I blame her. Green eggs are not very appetizing. Although, the shade of green was actually quiet lovely. I tried to take a picture, but there is no sense in grossing you out too…so, we will just pretend that didn’t happen.

By lunch time, Adelaide was still a little out of sorts and Vivienne was also exceptionally clingy. I gave up on trying to do any of the fun St. Paddy’s day projects I had intended and I decided to change up the schedule and put the girls down for a nap before lunch….it worked quiet nicely. They both slept for about two hours and I attempted to straighten the house. But, by the time their nap was over, I was feeling terrible. The girls, of course, woke up in a lovely (and very loud) mood. And though I was very grateful that they were feeling better…I was feeling significantly worse by the second.

Through all of this there was a little bit of excitement…my double jogging stroller came! Woot! The girls were both very excited about this. But, I think the real hit was the box! I believe this is the first substainsially sized box that has come to our house since Adelaide was old enough to remember (other than the countless boxes containing car parts and smelling of oil and gasoline, which she was not allowed to play in). But, this perfectly clean and smelling only of cardboard box was fantastic! Adelaide enjoyed this box so much that she wanted to eat lunch in it. I am not sure what I was thinking, but I agreed. Moments later I heard screaming and found that Vivienne had cornered Adelaide in the box and tried to steal her PB&J. This resulted in Vivienne tasting her first bit of peanut butter (oops!) and our pristine box suddenly being full of greasy sticky smudges.

After a lovely time of playing in the box, we finally got around to some art projects. Adelaide had mistaken the name of the holiday – St. Project’s Day and asked over and over when our St. Projects would start. 🙂 Luckily, we had a very important project to finish. Adelaide made a beautiful painting for Brendan’s birthday. I think it turned out beautifully. And Brendan liked it, too. I am hoping to make more of these, but I don’t think that will be a problem. Thanks to cousin Gracey, Adelaide will only paint with “real” paints on canvas, “because that how Gracey do it, Mommy!” No more watercolors for her.

While Adelaide was painting I discovered that Vivienne LOVES cottage cheese, which thrills my soul! I was sick of being the only cottage cheese eater around here. Yummy! That stuff is so good! (And messy!)

So, as it turns out – my feeling sick during St Patrick’s Day only got worse and turned into a full blown stomach bug, which is why this is being posted on Saturday. Maybe it was the green eggs…

Brad – Thank you SO MUCH for taking the day off on Thursday to help me. You are a wonderful husband and such a blessing to me. (And not only on days when I am sick!) Thank you for sacrificing your own health to make me feel loved and valued.  To the rest of you – Please say a prayer for Brad who is now sick with the stomach bug that I am finally over.


One Response to “st. patrick’s day”

  1. Anita said

    gosh I love these post!!!! So glad that ya’ll are feeling better. Hope that Brad is better soon.

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