A wedding and Dr. Seuss

March 21, 2010

What a busy, whirlwind of a day. Adelaide was completely star struck throughout the day, which added an extra bit of joy. We started the day with a beautiful morning wedding. Kathryn Bussey and Reid Filipiak were married Saturday morning at Oakhurst Farm. It was an absolutely beautiful day for a wedding. Sunny and a lovely 73F. Honestly, perfect.

Both Adelaide and Vivienne were invited to this wedding, but I was not sure about taking them. However, since all of our babysitters were tied up and our schedule for the day was completely insane, they went with us. Thankfully, there were several children there and ours were actually well behaved. Adelaide told everybody she saw that this was her “first wedding.” She was so excited to be there and thrilled to see Ms. Kathryn-from-church. Kathryn looked beautiful walking down the aisle with her father, Andy. Her dress was stunning!

Everything about this wedding was lovely, elaborate and perfect. Just what we expect from a Bussey event.  It was a wonderful day.

After the wedding, Vivienne went home with Diane while Adelaide, Brad and I went to see the 2 o’clock production of Seussical. Being the granddaughter of the director gets you lots of perks – such as sitting on the front row and dancing around on the stage after the show. The play was fantastic, as all of Sharon’s plays are, and it was fun to have such a kid friendly show that Adelaide could attend.

Adelaide, with The Cat in the Hat, JoJo and Nonnie – the worlds greatest director.

Adelaide with Horton the Elephant. A has a little crush on Horton — or maybe just on Freeman (the kid who plays Horton). We asked her favorite part of the play and she says, “Horton!!” and whenever we see Freeman she gets all shy. So funny. Nonnie, Adelaide and a few props.

Adelaide dancing on the stage after the show. Adelaide loved meeting all the characters, but I think she was just as much of a celebrity. All the kids knew who she was and Sharon is always thrilled to show her off.  I wonder if she will be a performer like her Daddy and Nonnie?


2 Responses to “A wedding and Dr. Seuss”

  1. Diane said

    It was a wonderful day including playtime with Vivi while Adelaide went to the theater for the first time! I saw the play later that evening and it was AMAZING! I loved it! Does Adelaide know that Mrs. Mayor of Whoville that she’s photographed with is a former Mathews Tiger? Caroline Adams and her whole family will be remembered at Mathews for their work and kind generosity.

  2. How precious! The wedding looked really beautiful. Adelaide is a doll!!

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