the farm (or why I am buying a GPS)

April 12, 2010

So much has happened since I last posted and I have no idea where to start. But, when in doubt about such things, you should just start at the beginning. Be patient with me. I am a little bit crazy and it would drive me crazy if I posted about Easter, or the Charleston trip, or anything else that has happened to us before I post about the Farm…

Oh the Farm! The trip to the Farm was arranged as a field trip with Adelaide’s school. They planned an Easter Egg Hunt, pony rides, picnic lunch, and a hayride. We were so excited about the day. Adelaide talked about this upcoming experience for the entire week!! Unfortunately, the day did not go as planned. For starters, the weather was cold and gloomy. We had all been hoping for a lovely, warm, spring day but this is not what we received. Thankfully, I thought ahead and brought extra jackets and blankets, which proved to be very helpful!

Before we headed out to the Farm, I double checked the directions sent by the school. They didn’t make much sense to me, so I decided to print off additional directions from the Internet. We set out on our way, perfectly on time and in lovely moods. However,  after 45 minutes of desperately looking for that ridiculous Farm, I finally admitted I was hopelessly lost. Adelaide was such a sweetheart. She kept saying, “It’s ok Mommy! We can go home. We will have lots of fun at home!” I attempted to follow every set of directions I had and called three friends and nothing worked. I hate certain parts of Alabama and their complete lack of road signage. By the way, this is not typical of me. I am usually really good with directions. But, this was just not my day!  Finally, my dear friend and savior of the day, Chaille, called me back (my first call to her had gone to her voice mail). She had successfully made it to the Farm with her trusty GPS and was able to guide me to the Farm without further frustration! I was thrilled to have made it – though an hour late and furiously mad.

Once we got to the Farm, I realized we had missed the Easter egg hunt, thanks to our tardiness. But, Adelaide was preoccupied with the cows and didn’t seem to care. Thanks to the sweet generosity of her friends Emerson and Lilly (or really the desire of their mothers, Chaille and Angie, to not take home so much candy) Adelaide did go home with basket full of eggs! 🙂

Lilly and Adelaide hang out with a cow.

I could not get her away from the cows!

All in all, the day was a success. Adelaide was happy – and I eventually calmed down.


One Response to “the farm (or why I am buying a GPS)”

  1. Diane said

    Tell Adelaide, that I like cows too! Moo! Glad you made it. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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