spring break: Easter

April 16, 2010

I love Easter! I love spring, flowers, warm weather, and the newness all around. This year was a particularly fun Easter. Maybe because it was Vivienne’s first. Or maybe because we celebrated in Savannah, which is exceptionally beautiful in the springtime. It was a perfect way to start off our much anticipated spring break!

We spent the night before Easter dyeing Easter eggs. I say “we,” but I really only took pictures. Brittany, Sami and Adelaide did most of the actual dyeing. Adelaide was fascinated by the process. She was so excited and squeal-y the whole night. The colors turned out beautifully. Adelaide was proud of her eggs! She put stickers on all of them after they dried. It was a fun adventure for her! My mother made beautiful Easter dresses for the girls. She is so amazingly talented!! The girls were so excited that I just couldn’t get them sit still for a picture. This was the closest I got. Vivi is not smiling, but at least we can see both of their faces (and only a tiny bit of A’s undies).

Before they got all dressed up the girls discovered their Easter baskets. As if Sunday mornings are not chaotic enough, throw some toys and chocolate into the mix and it goes completely nuts. I realize that the bunny loot might look a little excessive, but it should be known that after the “Easter bunny” filled the baskets, “Grandma Easter Bunny” added to the loot. Ha!

I think Vivienne enjoyed her first Easter. She had no idea what was going on, but she was happy just going with the flow (as always). She did enjoy her Easter basket. But, I think her favorite part was chewing on plastic eggs…

After church we came back to mom and dad’s house and had a lovely lunch and an Easter egg hunt. Mr. Charles, Mrs. Shirley and Nick’s girlfriend, Lauren, all came over to join in on the fun. We had a blast. The big hit of the event was the Cascarones – or confetti-filled eggs. When you find one you run to a friend and break it over their head. Confetti goes everywhere and everybody laughs. It is loads of fun. If you have never tried this, you should! They are a blast!  Thanks to Aunt B for making it possible. I think it will have to be a new tradition.

We wrapped up Easter evening with a trip to the beach. Brad, Sami, Adelaide and I went down to visit the pier. It was  nice evening for the beach. Adelaide had a blast, of course. I hope your Easter was as lovely as ours!


2 Responses to “spring break: Easter”

  1. Diane said

    What fun! It makes me a little lonesome for the days of dying eggs and egg hunts. The dresses are precious and the girls look BEAUTIFUL in them. I can’t wait to see them in person. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Galou said

    I love the blog. The pictures are great. The Easter dresses are beautiful, as are my greats who are wearing them. Love you.

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