spring break: Charleston

April 20, 2010

My Mom and Dad were so kind to watch our little ones for three nights while Brad and I took a mini vacation to Charleston. It was such a great gift (and a rare treat) to get to leave town and relax for a few days. Knowing the girls were in good hands made that possible! Although, my lack of worry didn’t keep me from calling to check in on them several times a day. It was a nice break!

We spent most of our time in Charleston just walking around and looking at houses. I love to look at houses and Charleston has no shortage of interesting ones! And check out these amazing flower boxes…

The rest of our time was spent either deciding where to eat next or eating. There are amazing restaurants in Charleston and we took advantage of this! We got great recommendations from my parents and Brad’s dad. We went to Anson’s, which had the most incredible she-crab soup ever! And Poogan’s Porch for some fabulous grits. I think my favorite was the Hominy Grill. It is a breakfast and lunch kinda place and I loved it. It reminded me a place we used to go to in Greensboro.  If you are ever in the area – I highly recommend these places!

We did attempt to go the beach, but it wouldn’t have us. We drove out to Kiawah Island only to find that the public access to the beach was closed. We did find a cute little planned community out there that was almost so perfect it was creepy. It kinda felt like we were at Disney world or The Truman Show or something. But it was nice and they had a Cold Stone, so who’s complaining? So – that day didn’t go as planned, but enjoyed the drive out (and the ice cream).

We have already thought about where we want to go next year. Mom and Dad, I hope you are ready!!!


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