car wash

April 22, 2010

Adelaide loves to do anything that Brad is doing. She also thinks she is an expert on everything he does. “Daddy does it like this,” “I can do that just like Daddy.” Just yesterday I was trying to fix something and said, “I better get a screwdriver” and Adelaide said, “Umm, you better let Daddy do that. Only Daddy uses screwdrivers.” I realize that we hold very traditional roles in our family, but I know how to use a screwdriver. Anyway, when Brad was washing his car a few days ago, Adelaide had to join in. She scrubbed and scrubbed her car and even attempted to shine the wheels. How cute is that? That last pictures is my favorite. They look just alike.

Even though Adelaide is an expert on everything Daddy does. She is showing more of an interest in housekeeping as well. She always wants to help with chores and since I know this phase will be incredibly short, I am taking full advantage. Her favorite chore is setting the table. She has her own way of doing it, but she is getting a hang of it for sure.

I am not exactly sure why we have two spoons and two forks. She can open the drawer so she just put what she thought we needed, I guess. She even gave herself two spoons. By the way, this was right after the car wash. She doesn’t always dine with no clothes and wet hair.

So maybe her interest in both mine and Brad’s chores will help her to be well rounded and not stuck in unnecessary and outdated gender roles. Maybe I should start taking out the garbage and let Brad make dinner. Or maybe I just shouldn’t worry about it.


2 Responses to “car wash”

  1. Julie said

    I was just thinking yesterday that I haven’t caught up with your blog in awhile. Your girls are so beautiful and Ada’s personality continues to shine!!

  2. Sharon (Nonnie) said

    These are so cute!!!!! Reminds me so much of Brad when he was little—-he was always “working on” his Big Wheel and his “Monster Truck.”
    Love you guys! Nonnie

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