its been awhile: summer recap

October 16, 2010

I know, I know. I said I was going to keep a blog and then I just stopped, without warning or explanation. I am sure this crushed all of my wonderful, faithful readers (both of you). I do have a reason, but I don’t feel much like explaining myself here. Just call or email me if you really care to know. Onward.

The SUMMER was lovely and now very long gone, but I do want to recap! So, here goes:

The school year ended and we immediately conquered the pacifier beast! After three much-less-difficult-than-anticipated nights we were free of that little plastic monster and have moved on bigger and better means of comforting ourselves, such as babydolls (which we absolutely can not sleep without). We celebrated Uncle Nick’s high school graduation (which I am still in shock about)! We spent lots of time in the water – usually from the sprinkler or blowup pool.


The family sans Nathan who was (rudely) enjoying the week in the Bahamas.



I can fit in a mixing bowl!


We celebrated for a whole week at Disney World. It was a wonderful, magical experience for all of us! Adelaide discovered (and quickly fell in love with) the Princesses, but more importantly she turned THREE! Can you believe it? We met Buzz and Woody and rode tons of awesome rides! We enjoyed fireworks (except for Adelaide who is terrified of them) and celebrated Adelaide’s third birthday with a dinner at Cracker Barrel (she picked the restaurant).

We relaxed at home and spent entirely too much time at the softball fields. We discovered that Adelaide likes to bowl as much as her Mama and Daddy!

We took a trip to see the Great grandparents. First we stopped in Lafayette to see Nana and Aunt Mary. We traveled down to see Galou, Pops and GranGran. While we were there we celebrated Vivienne’s first birthday! Back at home, we had a lovely birthday party with lots of friends and some delicious cake! How is it possible that she is already one year old!

Vivienne learned to walk! It seems like she went from crawling to running. Now she is everywhere and getting into everything. We went to the beach. Flew a kite. Spent a day at WhiteWater. And abandoned the bottle! Now we are a sippy cup only family. And….we got our house painted!It is awesome! (We also got a new awning, but it was yet to be installed when this picture was taken. I know I have a picture of the house with awning, but I can’t find it. Sorry).

It was a great great summer!


3 Responses to “its been awhile: summer recap”

  1. Brittany Holman said

    Oh and you got to visit Aunt B’s school (and un-air-conditioned home) after months and months of desperate pleading by Ada and Aunt B!

    Thanks for the recap, it made me smile and yearn wistfully for those hot, lazy summer days!

  2. Sharon Holman said

    What fun it was to read you update. I have missed your blog ( I guess I’m one of the two ) I was even in a few of the pictures. Thanks for recapping your summer. Love ya, Mom

  3. Samantha said

    Wow I forgot how much fun we had over the summer!!
    It was Awesome!

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